mountstride – A Spa and Wellness CRM Software that Keeps You as Relaxed as Your Clients. Learn about mountstride and how it could streamline your enquiries, appointments and treatments.

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Clients come to your spa to be pampered and feel revitalised. mountstride makes it easy to take care of them from the very first enquiry. A simple, unified platform makes it easy for you and your team to book appointments, organise treatments and answer every enquiry

Every Spa and Wellness Business Faces Issues -
mountstride Comes to the Rescue

Missed Appointments and Missing Enquiries

Keeping track of every enquiry that comes into your spa can be difficult, so let mountstride keep track for you. Each contact is captured by the system, sent to the right member of your team and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Not Enough Time to Handle Enquiries

Your team spend their time working hard to make every client feel relaxed and happy. That doesn’t leave much time for logging enquiries, chasing up notes and sending reminders. Those are the kind of clerical jobs that mountstride does on your behalf, leaving your team free to work their magic on clients.

Poor Communication

Clients like to feel special when they interact with your spa and mountstride has communication tools that make it easy for you to reach out to them. Emails, messages and reminders can be tailored and targeted using the mountstride combination of automation and personalisation.

A Portrait of Your Clients

Get to know your clients better than ever before. How often they visit, what treatments they enjoy and even when their birthday is. mountstride puts the information in front of you in a single easily accessed place, making it simple to customise the services you offer.

Difficult Access

Speaking of easy access – every member of your team will be able to access the mountstride database at any time using any device. On the road looking at properties and you need information on a client? Not a problem when you’re using mountstride CRM.

How mountstride could revolutionise your spa

A well run spa is built on a foundation of flawless service – giving your clients the treatments and pampering they need whenever they need them. From a single small spa to a wide chain of wellness centres, mountstride lets you capture each enquiry that comes in and log each appointment in just one place. The upshot is that you can keep track of when clients contact you, automate reminders when you need them and work with a team that always know exactly what they’re doing – and all with the minimum effort.


These mountstride features could lift your
spa to a whole new level

Make Time for Treatments

You need to be spending your valuable time providing treatments, looking after clients and creating an oasis of calm. mountstride has been designed so that your team can jump on board with no training and very little effort.

Complete Control of Bookings

The details of each and every booking are gathered in one place on the mountstride platform. Find them, check them and make any changes, all as quickly and smoothly as you’ve always dreamed.

Track Each Client

Paint a total picture of every client and take a look whenever you need to. Every detail that matters, from medical issues to favourite treatments and contact details, gathered together to let you provide a tailored and personalised experience every time they visit you.

The Full Package

Your spa offers a range of services, from massage to meditation and hot stones. Keeping all those plates spinning is incredibly complex. mountstride logs every member of your team, noting the treatments they deliver and the clients they are seeing every day, every week and every month.

Treat Your Regulars

mountstride CRM tracks repeat bookings so you can always welcome your valued regular clients back in the warmest possible way.

Organise Your Resources

Does a treatment call for more space or specialised equipment? No problem, mountstride will make it clear and do it so that your whole team can see.

Reassure Your Clients

When you make a booking or alter an appointment, mountstride makes it easy to automatically notify the client and keep things running smoothly.

The Big Picture

View your calendar by the day, week or month and track every single one of your appointments. Prevent double bookings before they happen and monitor where your team should be in real time.

Set the Time

nput the hours each member of your team is going to work and mountstride will automatically tweak their availability across the entire platform. If you’ve ever found yourself booking a treatment when the relevant team member is on a break, you can relax, because mountstride won’t let it happen.

Beautiful Integration

mountstride integrates flawlessly with your existing platforms, apps and tools. Keep your tools in one simple place and deliver your services as smoothly as possible.

Be a Strategic Spa

mountstride gathers a wealth of data for your spa and uses it to compile regular reports. These will show you exactly how your spa is working, and let you make the long term, strategic decisions that mean you deliver more and better for every client

Set the Standard

You can adjust and modify mountstride to work in line with your own Service Level agreements (SLA). Set aspects such as when to send out a reminder or how quickly to answer an enquiry and mountstride will alert you whenever a target is likely to be missed.

Every Treatment, Every Client, Every Day

No enquiry that comes into your spa is missed. Each one is captured, logged and made accessible. Your team can see what clients are demanding and make sure it happens. It’s a solution that will relax you as much as the deepest massage.

Give your Spa the mountstride Treatment

mountstride creates a full three sixty view that shows you how well your team is performing, where you’re getting it right and what could be improved. Contact us today and we’ll give you a free demo that shows off the features your spa is waiting for.

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