mountstride – A Manufacturing Company CRM Software to Handle Leads, Orders, Vendors and Suppliers

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mountstride gives every member of your team a clear, accessible view of the supply chain, from first enquiry to completed order. Streamline your processes, boost sales and make customers happier.

Your manufacturing company can struggle with lead management and a clear sales journey – mountstride can help

Lost Leads

Each lead that comes into your business could be worth thousands. mountstride makes sure you never miss a lead again by catching them, funnelling them to the right department and flagging them up to your team.

Too Much Admin

Manufacturing is about making things, not paperwork, so let mountstride do away with the filing. By dealing with every piece of admin involving suppliers, customers and vendors, mountstride frees up your team to work smarter and harder.

Impersonal Communication

When you build a relationship with customers you keep them loyal in the long term. The automation and personalisation of mountstride’s communications means you target everyone who comes to you with tailored, specific messages. It’s the kind of conversation that drives sales higher.

No Full View

When a customer, supplier or distributor gets in touch you should be able to call up every piece of information on them instantly. Thanks to mountstride, you can - every detail in one place for your team to access and use to deliver exactly what the customer needs. Say goodbye to searching for an order history at the back of a filing cabinet when you say hello to mountstride.

Poor Access

When the details of each lead are gathered together on mountstride it’s easy for your team to access them. Once you’ve set approvals, they’ll be able to access the info they need at any time using any device. Secure, convenient and fast, mountstride access lets you offer a flexible and round the clock service.

How mountstride could shift your manufacturing company into the twenty first century

Whether you’re dealing with a single enquiry or fulfilling a bulk order for thousands of items, you need every stage of your process to run smoothly and efficiently. mountstride makes sure they do by pulling every bit of information you need together in one place. From contact details to order history, complaints and enquiries, a user friendly dashboard puts it all in front of your team and guarantees consistent delivery with every team member on the same page.


The mountstride features that can turbo-
charge your manufacturing company

Every Fact When You Need It

Information is power and the details of each client – large or small – can be used to fuel your manufacturing solutions. From a single name or quick phone call you’ll be able to build a full picture of every client and use that picture to give them exactly what they’re after.

Hit the Ground Running

mountstride isn’t just brilliant, it’s brilliantly simple. Your team will pick it up with the minimum of training, cutting onboarding time and freeing them up to start using it to transform delivery.

Integrate Smoothly

Your manufacturing production lines are based on the tools, apps and platforms you already use. mountstride integrates seamlessly with every one of them to become a smooth and immersive sales pipeline, from first enquiry to order despatch.

Data Powered Insights

mountstride gathers data on every interaction you have with customers, suppliers, distributors and your own team. Then it uses that data to create regular analytical reports packed with insight into the long term strategy of your business. See what’s really happening at each stage of the sales pipeline and make the changes that could take you to the next level.

Never Miss a Target

You can shape mountstride in your own image, setting targets based on the Service Level Agreements you promise your customers. If a target is due or has been missed, you’ll be automatically alerted, and you can take the steps you need to get things firmly back on track.

Every lead made to count

The instant a lead, enquiry or question reaches your business – by phone, email or via a website – it’s captured, logged and sent to the right person. You won’t just respond more quickly, you’ll respond with the right answers.

The complete picture of your manufacturing company

Build the complete picture of your manufacturing industry, from enquiry, through quotation on to order and delivery. Spot trends, deal with mistakes and improve processes. Contact us now and we’ll give you a free demo of the features that could transform your manufacturing company.

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