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Your advertising agency lives or dies on the way it handles leads. Each lead could turn into a client and each client could become a long-term income stream. Keep all the data you need in one place and make it easy for your team to deliver.

If you have issues like broken communications and lost leads mountstride makes them disappear recognise these problems? mountstride has the answers

Not Enough Conversions

Do enough of your leads convert into clients? The answer is that there’s no such thing as enough. You can make sure every lead gets the attention it deserves when mountstride funnels it to the right part of your sales pipeline.

Too Little Time

Advertising is all about building client relationships, but if your team are busy with admin tasks those relationships can suffer. mountstride does the heavy admin lifting so you don’t have to, freeing you up to deliver sales, handle accounts and keep clients onside.
Tailored Communication

Vague Communication

Uniquely tailored messaging is a vital part of client relationships. mountstride combines automation with personalisation to let you create emails, marketing and social media content that is bespoke for each and every client. Send the right message at the right time and let your clients know you understand them completely with mountstride.

Tailored Communication
No Full View
No Full View

An Incomplete View of the Client

When you deal with a client – from a new lead to an established account – you need all the info at your fingertips. mountstride creates a full picture of each client and keeps it on one, easily accessed platform. When you need to know the industry they work in, the status of their enquiry and the history of your transactions with them it’ll be right there.

Poor Access

Patchy access

The cloud-based nature of mountstride means that your team can access the client information they need at any time and from any device. Deal with global clients on the move and round the clock, and never let a lead slip through your fingers.

Poor Access
Why mountstride could be exactly what your advertising business is looking for

Your clients are the foundation of your business and mountstride lets you map every stage of their journey, from initial enquiry through to long term account handling. Shape the way you handle them by analysing the contact they make with you, and tailor every reminder, message and solution to perfectly fit the profile you create. Every part of the sales pipeline runs smoothly when mountstride takes charge.


The amazing mountstride features your
advertising agency is looking for

Every Fact When You Need It

The Full Picture

The detailed data on every client pulled together in one place. When did they come to you? What are their preferences? How have you delivered for them in the past? What will they need in the future? If you have a question, mountstride has the answer.

Every Fact When You Need It

Simple to Use

Remember when introducing a new system meant the office grinding to a halt for retraining and onboarding? mountstride does things differently. An intuitive user interface and a seamless operating system means that your team will be able to pick it up and run with it from the first hour of the first day.

Integrate Smoothly

Seamless Integration

The tools, apps and platforms that you already use will slot simply into mountstride, creating one unified and consistent system. Shift from struggling to cross reference files, documents, spread sheets and emails to dealing with a single point of access. When a member of your team needs to know about a client, they’ll know about a client, from top to bottom.

Integrate Smoothly
Data Powered Insights
Data Powered Insights

Long Term Strategy

The data that comes into your agency is incredibly valuable, but only if you use it properly. mountstride gathers the analytics you need to take a long term, strategic view of your agency. Regular reports give you the low down on market trends, emerging demographics and client interactions, so you can see what’s working and plan future delivery.

Hit Every Target

mountstride isn’t an off the peg solution. You can customise it to fit your advertising agency perfectly, and that means setting the targets you expect your team to hit. Draw up your service level agreements (SLA) and make them a part of the system, from how long it takes to answer an email to when a payment reminder should be sent. If a target isn’t going to be met, you’ll know about it long before your client does.

Never miss a lead

As soon as a lead comes into your agency it’s a part of the mountstride platform. It’s spotted by your team, filtered to the right person and responded to quickly. You can grab every client before the competition has a chance.


A full client overview means that the information you need is always waiting for you. Bring in leads, maximise conversions and grow your business. Contact us today and we’ll provide a free demo showing you exactly what mountstride offers.

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