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Not Enough Conversions

You want to turn as many enquiries as possible into bookings. mountstride will capture every contact and funnel it to the right part of your team to make this happen.

Too Much Time Taken Up

The most important job your team can do is look after the guests who come to you. mountstride takes over the day to day work of administration so they’re free to do exactly that. Less time chasing leads, more time making guests happy.

Tailored Communication

Tailored messaging, marketing and emails will let you speak directly to the guests you want to attract. mountstride mixes automation and personalisation so you can make sure that every part of your marketing message is tailored, effective and directly targeted.

An Unclear Picture of the Guest

Information on your guests is how you put together the perfect hospitality package. From favourite activities to dietary requirements, mountstride will keep every detail in one place that’s easy to access and understand. Build a full picture of every guest and use it to deliver perfection.

Hard to Access

Hospitality is a twenty four seven business, so you want your team to be able to access the information they need around the clock, wherever they are. mountstride offers mobile, remote, secure access to approved members of your team. Need the details of a booking when you’re away from the office? It’s at your fingertips.

Why mountstride will transform your hospitality business

Your guests are the heart and soul of your hospitality business. Turning enquiries into bookings and handling the details of those bookings to encourage loyalty is what mountstride CRM is all about. Every guest journey is mapped and accessible, from enquiry to checking out. See where a lead comes from and make sure your response matches – prioritise third party portal enquiries from leads who are shopping around multiple providers, for example. Whether you’re chasing a booking, confirming an appointment or tailoring a stay, you’ll have the information you need and – more importantly – so will your guests.

mountstride has the features your hospitality
business is waiting for

The Full Picture

Get to know your guests in detail and personalise your service. When the enquiry came in, what kind of stay they’re looking for and have they asked about extra activities? You ask the questions and mountstride has the answers.

Make the Leap

Switching to a new CRM may sound complicated, but mountstride keeps things simple. An intuitive interface and user-friendly software mean that your team can start taking advantage of its fantastic features with just the minimum of training. No time wasted means more time looking after guests, and the fact that every piece of information is gathered on a single platform means the service you provide is seamless and consistent.


Your existing tools, systems and platforms will integrate seamlessly with the mountstride solution. No more dealing with multiple files, emails, booking slips and spreadsheets, because mountstride pulls all the information together in one place.

Strategic Information

The data that comes in to your hospitality business can be used to make long term decisions. mountstride gathers the details of every guests, booking and stay, and uses it to compile reports offering a strategic overview of your hospitality business. Spot the market trends as they impact on your business and make sure you’re ahead of the competition.

Set Your Own Targets

You demand the very best from your team and mountstride helps to make sure it happens. Create your own Service Level Agreements (SLA) and place them along the mountstride sales pipeline. From answering enquiries to quoting prices and sending reminders, you’ll be notified whenever a target isn’t met. You demand the best for your guests, and mountstride helps you to deliver.

Capture every lead

Every enquiry a potential guest makes is captured by mountstride and becomes part of the platform. Your team gets to see who is getting in touch and what they’re looking for, and to send out the right response straight away. Turn a question into a booking before rival businesses have the chance to.

Take an overview

The overview of your lead management provided by mountstride makes it easy to bring in enquiries, respond quickly and drive bookings up. Contact us today and we’ll give you a free demo of just how incredibly effective mountstride is for hospitality businesses.

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