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mountstride is a simple, efficient & easy to use solution for managing, prioritising and organising your leads.

We empower Salespeople by focusing on providing Simple tools to effectively capture, nurture and convert their leads. With less time spent on trying to stay organised your Sales Teams can focus on winning more deals.

Grow your Lead, Contacts and Sales Activities

  • Manage your leads, contact, sales activities and email conversation more efficiently from a single view.
  • Be clear in your vision with our enhanced and familiar views – Pipeline, Timeline, Spreadsheet.
  • Check and monitor journey of each lead to get insight on how much time taken to switch over different stages as defined in your business environment.
  • Automate your incoming leads and manage without manual efforts.

Highly customizable for your business

  • Add custom labels to mark your important elements and enhance the searchability with quick access.
  • Create custom stages based on your unique sales funnel.
  • Flexibility to create custom fields for leads, contacts and organizations based on your business needs.
Manage Leads Contact

Email Centralisation – histride (add-on)

  • You own your mails. We do not sync your personal email inbox.
  • Unorganised. Scattered. Random. Not Prioritised – With our cleverly integrated solution of mountstride and histride, we address standard challenges posed by traditional email inbox.
  • Manage all conversations in one place, no more digging through emails.

Measure, Monitor, Motivate your teams with integrated service level tracking.

  • Map SLA’s to every stage based on your unique sales funnel.
  • Get notifications as soon as SLA is missed so you can take swift and corrective action.
Monitor Your KPI’s

Easy Onboarding

  • Bare minimal information and groundwork required to get you up and running with mountstride
  • Short learning curve to turn your sales team into “high impact” sales team.

Migrate to mountstride with minimum efforts

  • Migrate your data from other CRM with few simple steps of our import wizard.
  • Not just adding but modifying large number of records is also easy through this wizard.
Easy On Boarding

Our Solutions

Web-Based Solution
Web-Based Solution
Take control of your sales leads using our Web-based sales & lead management tool that will help you monitor & track status of your leads.
Mobile AppGoogle PayApp Store
Mobile App
Save time and simplify management by using our mobile app to track your sales leads status.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What’s the good news?
    The mounstride CRM is now made free. Yes, it’s free to use for up to 5 users.
  • 2. How did it go free?
    As we steer through the difficult times, this is our share of handholding each other! We love mountstride, our clients love mountstride, we believe by keeping the software free for businesses up to 5 users will help spread the love further. Eventually, we will have paying customers who will need other exciting add-ons or more than 5 users.
  • 3. How long is it free?
    We aim to keep the 5 user access free for lifetime for all our early adopters. When we aim, we actually, try to work for it with dedication. It’s never a hollow aim.
  • 4. What else is free?
    We also have free plugins, to integrate your website forms to mountstride. Additionally, we also have discounted prices for, if you want to embed and centralize your emails to be accessed from anywhere, anytime along with document management facility for your email attachments, too.
  • 5. Is it free for everyone?
    Technically, we don’t want to check any eligibility. We are trying to maximize the number of free accounts that we can give. At present, our funding is for the first 1000 accounts created. So, you can refer to anyone.
  • 6. Is mountstride just a CRM?
    Well, apart from the popular usage of a CRM, there are various other use cases of mountstride, like it can be configured as ticketing system or even a bug management system. You can write to us at [email protected] to check, if your use case can fit. We are happy to help, in all the ways! This is the time!
  • 7. How do I get started?
    It is self-explanatory for you to get started. However, if you wish to get free support, please email us at [email protected] for assistance. Visit for all information.
  • 8. How long do we need to onboard you?
    If you need assistance, it’s first email, first served. You may not have long waiting, as we have a good team to service the requests, but, if it does, please bear with us. You can take a support package if you need to prioritize. But, please email us before you purchase the support package to get onboarded, as you may not even need it. Every penny counts, at this time.
  • 9. What else?
    The truth about Covid-19 life is that, it’s difficult to stay away from what we have been used to for so many years. Though some of our habits may need to be changed, the least you can do to stay safe, as much as possible is to drink a lot of warm water and gargle as many times as it permits you.
  • 10. Is this an FAQ?
    No, it wasn’t meant to be an FAQ, but, some of our customers and friends asked the same questions as above and ended up with 'what else?', which qualified all the above Qs into a quick FAQ section. :-)
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