Core Features

Lead Management Lead Management
Lead Management
Lead Status Lead Status
Lead Status
Advance Filters Advance Filters
Advance Filters
Save Views Save Views
Save Views
Resequence Column Resequence Column
Resequence Column
Lead Communication Lead Communication
Lead Communication
Pipeline View Pipeline View
Pipeline View
Lead Contacts Lead Contacts
Lead Contacts

Easy On Boarding

mountstride fits easily within your organisation, eliminating the need for time -consuming training. By providing only the essentials to help convert leads, sales team don't need to spend hours trying to understand features and functions that they will rarely use.

Comprehensive Lead Dashboard

View and filter all your leads based on customisable criterias , see complete list of sales activity and view contact details in one centralised place.

Manage Lead Contacts

Find all your lead contact details in one unified place. Users can manage their lead contacts & can group them for easy follow-ups. Add multiple contact details to one company .

Lead Communication

Send emails directly to leads and create custom email templates that cut down on repetitive tasks. Collaborate with your team , easily share documents and keep track of all email communication related to a lead all in one centralised place.

SLA Driven Lead Status

Map SLA’s to every lead status and stages based on your unique sales funnel , Get notifications as soon as SLA is missed so you can take swift action that could win the deal. Get reports on how long it took to send a quote or time taken to get in touch with lead.

Access Based Lead Visibility

Leads are visible to users only if they are added in the lead. Provide access to leads based on their role or directly to individual users .

Lead Capture

Leads from your website can directly be added and distributed to your sales team . Capture leads from , Contact forms , Chatbots and more .

Secured Logins

HTTPS secured web-based system.
  • Secure login for users – using email address and password
  • Character security / Captcha
  • Forgot Password Utility

IP Restrictions

Option to restrict to your local infrastructure setup using IP level restrictions. Assign IP’s from which a user can access this system.

Management Information System Reports

Intelligent reports that will help management in getting an overview of top Lead Traffic Source, Lead follow ups , percentage of quotations sent and more!
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