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You may recognise these recruitment agency
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Missing Conversions

Turning enquiries into applicants is the foundation your recruitment agency is built on. Never miss an enquiry again when each contact is captured and filtered into your recruitment pipeline.

Not enough hours

Your team should be spending most of their time matching the right applicants to the perfect jobs. Administrative tasks and keeping track of details can get in the way, but mountstride takes over the clerical side of operations so your team is freed up to deliver results.

Personal Communications

Tailored communication lets your client know that you value them and understand what they’re looking for. It also takes time and effort, but not when you use mountstride. By combining advanced automation with bespoke personalisation, mountstride CRM sends targeted emails and messages that let clients know you’re working to match them with a job.

No complete picture of each client

Building a full picture of each client and every vacancy is a vital part of achieving the results you want to offer. mountstride provides a portrait of every client – from qualifications and past experience to location and job preferences – and keeps it in one easily accessed place at all times. Never lose a vital detail or misplace contact information again.

Poor access

Mobile working is more popular than ever and the team at your recruitment agency will be able to access the details they need to provide a complete service no matter where they are. Approved team members enjoy complete access to keep delivering round the clock.

What mountstride could do for your recruitment agency

As a recruitment agency your business is based on matching the right client to the right position at the right time. mountstride catches each lead the instant it arrives, filters it to the right member of your team and follows the process of turning an enquiry into a satisfied client. At every stage of the process you’ll have access to the information you need to keep things moving forward and let your client know exactly what you’re doing for them.


The specific mountstride features that could
transform your recruitment agency

A Full and Detailed Picture

Build up a detailed picture of each client on a platform that’s easy to access and instinctive to operate. What kind of position are they looking for? How long have they been looking? What do they offer? When the right position opens up you’ll be able to make an instant connection and achieve the results you’re looking for.

Easy to Use

mountstride CRM was designed with ease of use in mind. Your team will be able to start making use of its range of features quickly and instinctively. No lengthy training period means no time away from helping clients and a consistent information platform means seamless delivery each and every time.


The existing apps, platforms and processes you use will integrate seamlessly with mountstride CRM. Migrate the details you already work with and say goodbye to searching for missing files, messages or contact numbers.


It can be easy to neglect long term planning when you’re working hard each day to place clients in the right positions. mountstride will turn the mass of data it gathers into detailed and analytical reports which uncover trends, strengths and weaknesses. Strategise for the future using the power of information.

Set your own targets

mountstride can be modified to work to the kind of standards you expect of your team. Set Service Level Agreements (SLA) to your own criteria, such as how quickly enquiries should be answered, when to send out reminders and how to match applicants to positions. Automated alarms will make sure that you and your team hit every target you promise.

Capture every lead

Every enquiry a potential guest makes is captured by mountstride and becomes part of the platform. Your team gets to see who is getting in touch and what they’re looking for, and to send out the right response straight away. Turn a question into a booking before rival businesses have the chance to.

Top down picture

mountstride offers a full overview of your business, covering every client, every organisation and the positions you’re offering. Work quickly and maximise results thanks to seamless processes. Contact mountstride and we’ll give you a free demo of exactly what our CRM could do for you.

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