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Every lead that comes into your agency in one place and under complete control. That’s how mountstride can help to revolutionise the way your team delivers for clients.

Do these Real Estate problems sound
familiar? mountstride is the answer

Low Conversion Rate

How many of your leads become sales? If the answers ‘not enough’ then you need mountstride to funnel each potential lead through your sales pipeline and boost conversion

Time consuming processes

The client is at the centre of any real estate business, but your team may be too busy handling administration to pay enough attention to them. Let mountstride do the heavy lifting and free your team up to concentrate on delivering sales

Tailored Communication

Sending emails, messages and other marketing that is uniquely tailored to a client takes time and effort. So much time and effort that most real estate agencies give up trying and rely on a blanket approach. mountstride’s mix of automation and customisation means you can direct every message to the right client at the right moment in the sales timeline.

No 360 view of the client

How many times have you needed some information on a client only for your staff to have to spend hours looking for it, or discover that it’s been lost altogether? With mountstride the full picture of each client – including budget, preferences, location and past enquiries – is gathered in one easily accessed place.

Poor access

Speaking of easy access – every member of your team will be able to access the mountstride database at any time using any device. On the road looking at properties and you need information on a client? Not a problem when you’re using mountstride CRM.

Why mountstride could be the answer for your real estate business

Clients are the cornerstone of any real estate business and mountstride CRM makes it easy to map the journey of every client from first enquiry to closing the deal. You’ll see how a lead comes to you and model your response to be the perfect match. Enquiries through third party portals, for example, need to be answered quickly since the client may be contacting several agencies at once. At every stage of the sales pipeline you’ll be able to access the information you need, send reminders, make contact and provide the information a client is looking for.


The fantastic mountstride
features your real estate agency

Complete Picture

Everything you need to know about every client gathered in one place. When did they enquire? What are they looking for? Have you suggested any properties? Has it been followed up? For every question you need to ask, mountstride will have the answer.


An intuitive user interface means that every member of your team will be up and running on mountstride in no time at all. No long training period means no time wasted, and before you know it your leads and sales will be managed in a seamless and highly efficient manner. The fact that everyone has access to the same information means that the service you provide is 100% consistent.


mountstride integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms and systems. From struggling over spread sheets, files and documents to having a full spectrum view in a single place – it’s a transformation that happens painlessly and without any risk of losing vital client information.


Every business needs to make the best use of data, and in a real estate agency this is especially true. As well as easing your day to day operations, mountstride will gather the analytics you need to take the long view. Reports on market trends, area demographics and client interactions will help you to tailor effective strategies.


You can customise mountsride to fit your real estate agency like a glove. Whatever service level agreements (SLAs) you set – on issues such as responding to client enquiries, sending out payment reminders or providing property details – you can make them an automatic part of the sales pipeline. If your team misses a target you’ll know about it straight away, not when it’s too late and the client has gone elsewhere.


The overview provided by mountstride means that the information you need to pull in leads, respond with speed and maximise sales is at your fingertips in one place. Get in touch with us and we’ll give you a free demo to show the kind of seamless collaboration that mountstride offers to real estate agencies.

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